Learning Management Systems / Communities

How do you continuously deliver and encourage learning in your organisation? Which technologies will best encourage and support performance? What will bring you the most benefit within your budget? These can be challenging questions. We make it easy for you.

What will an LMS do for you?

Deliver personalised learning experiences, make learning more accessible and boost employee motivation.

Enable L&D managers to run both local and global training programmes with ease.

Enable you to create blended learning paths that integrate all types of learning activities such as virtual classroom, elearning, assessments, and social learning.

Encourage learners to discuss, comment and share ideas and knowledge across teams, departments or divisions.

Connect employee learning activities with their performance evaluations in order to give managers better information.

Provide employees with the self-learning opportunities they are looking for.

How is it done?

We use 4 well-defined steps that set you up for long term success.

Research and Planning

Conduct research and workshops with key stakeholders to thoroughly define goals and requirements.

Technical Evaluation

We give you a tour of world-recognised software, share how it is being used, and discuss practical ways it can help you complete tasks or achieve goals.


The implementation phase involves putting all the pieces together, making sure no detail is left undone, and rolling out new solutions in a way that maximises uptake and user-satisfaction.


At regular review and assessment meetings we discuss your progress, address any concerns you may have and provide recommendations on how to keep learning aligned with the business.

Gain the benefits of world-class technologies

No one knows learning technologies better than our world-class partners. We are proud to provide you with personal, local service for CrossKnowledge and Cornerstone OnDemand solutions.

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