Using in-depth knowledge of learning theory and effective, creative instructional design, we create learning that connects with your audience.

  • nano learning, single courses, or a series of in-depth modules
  • repurposing of existing content or entirely new programmes
  • powerpoint conversions
  • translations and localisations
  • Tin Can, SCORM and AICC compliant

Mobile Learning

Everything you need to bring the power of mobile learning for your workforce. We optimise content, navigation, interaction and the phone or tablets unique features to create valuable, relevant experiences on multiple devices.

  • apps
  • HTML5
  • mobile and tablets
  • fully responsive and adaptive

Games and Simulations

Everyone loves games and simulations. They are a smart and effective way to excite and motivate your learners – and help them retain more. By combining selected elements like storytelling, video, 3D modelling, scoring and leaderboards, we make exceptionally effective experiences for your organisation. And we do this extremely cost effectively!

This includes:

  • help in evaluating the right gaming strategy as part of your overall learning initiative
  • development of custom games using advanced tools, interactions and visual effects
  • games or simulations that captivate users
  • Selfservice portal for customers to edit or create custom business simulations and games
  • BisGame which is a new an powerful solution within business simulation and gaming. To read more, please visit www.bisgame.com/