Client: Reitan / 7-eleven

Fine-tuning sales skills in fast-moving retail environments

In today’s competitive retail environment, Reitan was looking to increase sales. We created a relevant and highly effective simulation of in-store experiences where store employees must practice their upselling skills to achieve a higher score. Placed in a realistic environment and approached by customers in real time, employees are motivated to continue honing their skills because learning is fun, rather than necessary.

Client: Yara International

Ethics and Compliance

This well-designed course was created for 10,000 people spread around the world. It presents real-life dilemmas and helps them tackle difficult situations. Skillfully adapted short stories, interesting illustrations and narration are used to raise learner’s curiosity and increase retention rates.

Client: Lego

Quick access to product knowlege

As part of Lego’s product training we helped transform a 29 page powerpoint into a 5-click learning path. Products are categorised by age making it intuitive and simple to navigate. A well-designed layout presents the content in a manner that is easy to grasp, whilst taking care of Lego´s playful design.

Client: Weifa

Specialist training for pharmaceutical professionals

Weifa, a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company, is continuously building competence amongst its professional employees. This course is designed to help sales employees complete training between serving customers. We worked alongside Weifa to pin-point vital learning objectives and design realistic scenarios. A ‘click-and-respond ‘ customer case helps the user explore different situations that they might encounter at work.

Client: Norwegian Dental Association

Simplify elearning content production

The Norwegian Dental Association turned to us when they wanted to make online course development much easier.  Elearning plays an important part of continuing education for their members. Now they have switched to Mohive authoring tool and they contact our learning designers whenever they need support. “We needed a faster, simpler and more effective, way to create interactive courses. The combination of Gavisus and Mohive has helped us shorten our production time by more than 25%,” says Øyvind Huseby.