Welcome to BisGame.

Next generation business training – Now !

  • Engagement and user exploration lead to results. By combining the latest technologies in the “gamification” and 3D games, users are stimulated through exploration, training and repetitive learnings to lasting educational results /behaviour change
  • Virtual Reality. BisGame can reproduce all types of realistic environments
  • Gamification. User performance is presented in BisGame Portal leaderboard (individuals or groups)
  • BisGame allows for reuse of virtually all parts and successively changing or/and extension of an existing game/simulation. Moreover, it is possible to assemble new business games of whole or parts from already developed and thereby create new scenarios. BisGame can grow with your company’s business – it’s a process!

Key features

  • customer control
    • re-use of parts or complete games/simulations
  • self-service solution
    • edit your games without need of expertis
    • change and create new games in minutes
    • save valuable timeĀ – change in real time!
  • easily translate and create localised business games
  • user leader boards and user progress information