Gavisus means “glad”. The reason we chose this name is simple. We will do everything we can to ensure our customers are glad they have us to rely on.

  • Gavisus is a full-service digital learning company. We mix the right blend of instructional design, digital learning and cloud-based technologies to help organisations increase performance and build powerful organisations.
  • We work with a mix of private, public and government sector companies of local, regional and international importance.
  • Our portfolio of solutions represents the latest methodolgies and technologies in the business learning and training industry.

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BisGame is a pioneer in the area of serious gaming allowing companies to take advantage of gaming and business simulation as part of the learning mix. BisGame offers industry unique features that brings cost effectiveness and flexibility to a level that is second to none.

Cornerstone OnDemand is a global leader of cloud-based talent management software solutions. Over 15.5 million users across 191 countries rely on Cornerstone to maximize their potential, develop their skills and foster new levels of collaboration.

ELC Information Security is a leading provider of customized security training solutions. ELC will prepare your workforce to ensure the security of your information.

RW3 Culture Wizard allows you to build the cross-cultural skills you need to succeed in today’s global business environment. Whether you are fielding international  assignees around the world or working to improve the effectiveness of project teams – RW3 has got you covered.